New look! And more pictures!

Initially, when I set up the dark background/light font, I thought it would make it easier to read. I hmm’d and hawwed over it, and I’ve decided that I think something a little more muted and traditional would be easier on the eyes. Hence, new design! Plus, I really love jellyfish, and so now there’s a jellyfish.

In celebration of new designs and jellyfish, here are some pictures:

Jellyfish in a lagoon on Efate, Vanuatu (Photo by A. Lauritzen)

More jellyfish (unsure of the species) and the inspiration for the header (Photo by A. Lauritzen)

These were both taken at night, on the edge of the lagoon. The jellyfish were attracted to the lights on the underside of the deck, and there was an entrancing dance of jellies swarming about the light in such a hypnotic way. We stared at them for ages.

Lord Howe Coralfish (Photography by Diverkat)

Jewel Anemone varieties (Photo by Diverkat)

Yaldwyn’s triplefin on a yellow sponge and some shy Jewel Anemones (photo by Diverkat)

Clown Nudibranch (Photo by Diverkat)

Male Yaldwyn’s Triplefin (Photo by Diverkat)

Eensy Yaldwyn’s triplefin with some Jewel Anemones (photo by Diverkat)

The above photos were all taken at the Poor Knights Marine Reserve. I like the little things, because they don’t move too quickly or too far, so they’re much easier to photograph! Hope you like them!



Happy New Year! Here are some pictures.

Happy New Year to all, I hope that the holidays have been relaxing and fun. As per usual, the antipodean summer gets a bit chaotic, and the idea of long, relaxing summer days vanishes with the inevitable emails, texts, phone calls and other methods of communication that immediately turn all that beautiful free time into busy bee time.

But! That’s hardly a complaint. The days have indeed been busy, but at least they’ve been busy with productive things! There have been many days of diving in the spring and summer, and I was lucky to get a few good shots in. So, without further ado, have a look at some of the little ones living under the waves:

Yaldwyn's Triplefin (photo by Diverkat)

Yellow Moray from below (photo by Diverkat)

Gem Nudibranchs mating (photo by Diverkat)

Firebrick starfish (photo by Diverkat)

Fan with anenomes (photo by Diverkat)

Common Anenomes (photo by Diverkat)

So, a few photos for you to enjoy. I will hopefully have more to share soon, and some actual news too!


It’s been a while!

Where have you been?! - Photography by Diverkat

And for good reasons – so many new things, so much news, and loads of things going on, things to do, and things to celebrate!

Firstly, I’m really excited to be able to say that I’ve been made one of the trustees of the White Shark Conservation Trust.  I’m stoked to be working with Bruce and David, and I foresee lots of fun things in the future in that respect.  Both of them are brilliant, and the balance of personalities between the three of us is different enough to really create a dynamic group, and I hope that we can continue to grow the Trust in a way that expands our influence and our reputation in a positive way, for the benefit of our cartilaginous friends.

Second on the list, I’ve picked up studying again – I’m doing part-time study at the University of Auckland for (surprise) Marine Biology/Ecology and Conservation.  So yay!  Loads of work on though, but it’s all very interesting.  I’m halfway through week 3, and it’s pretty full on, but really great to be working my brain again.

As predicted, the diving work with Global Dive over the summer has taken up loads of time, but not without some fruits of the labour; some excellent photos taken by yours truly and good friend and fellow instructor Will Fox below.

More plugging for Sustainable Coastlines – these guys have been busy!  The weekend of 2 – 4 April 2011 is the Great Coromandel Coastal Clean-up, and if that one doesn’t suit you geographically or temporally, then there’s always the North Shore Coastal Clean-up, which is on 15 – 16 April 2011.  I am planning on attending the Saturday, come along and play if you can!

Also, as a trustee of the White Shark Conservation Trust, I will continue to shamelessly plug the events that we hold in the future.  Due to the tragedies that have befallen Christchurch and Japan, we feel that it is not appropriate to be holding any fundraisers for the foreseeable future; however raising awareness and promoting education are still ongoing projects, and I will continue to work on those when I am not studying.

One more thing that I want to mention, because conservation doesn’t have to just be in the ocean – anyone in the Auckland area who is interested in learning a bit about the reforestation/reintegration efforts being done on the islands in the Hauraki Gulf should try their hand at doing some volunteer work on Motuihe Island. Every other Sunday or so they have volunteer days where you can catch a ferry from Auckland to Motuihe, and do some work with reforestation, collecting seeds for growing seedlings, work in the nurseries, take a hike around the island, or whatever needs doing – the project is funded by sponsors of the Motuihe Trust and the Department of Conservation, and it offers a wonderful opportunity for one to learn more about native flora and fauna as well as the methods they are using to restore the endemic species.

And now, photos!

My favourite photo I've taken, ever. - Photography by Diverkat

Coming over the ridge - Photography by Will Fox

Spiny Sea Urchin - Photography by Diverkat

A close up of Scorpionfish, Scorpaena cardinalis (Grandfather hapuku) - Photography by Diverkat

Shark talk… and some Diving!

Well, last night’s WSCT presentation at Diveshack was a great success – we raised $281.00 in donations, so a big THANK YOU is in order to the club members, and especially to Aaron and Hayden, Diveshack’s Brains and Brawn rulers extraordinaire.  That money will be going toward purchasing tracking tags for DoC’s white shark research, so once again, thank you ALL for your generosity – and for letting Bruce and I rave on and on about sharks!  Definitely one of my favourite things to to.

And also, our lovely Dive Mistress is organising day dives out to the Poor Knights on Saturday, 26 June and Sunday, 27 June with our dear friends Noel and Jo from Yukon Charters.  Contact Dive Mistress at for details if you’re available, and let her know if you can come diving with us!!!

White Shark Conservation Trust Presentation Tonight!

Hello all!

This is extremely last minute, but tonight, Bruce Goorney, trustee of the White Shark Conservation Trust, is doing a presentation on the White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and what the Trust is doing in terms of conservation, research and fundraising.  The talk is happening at Diveshack, at 349 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, at 7pm.  Come along and meet other divers, find out what the WSCT is getting up to, and learn about what you can do to help us raise awareness about the plight of sharks.  Hope to see you all there!

I am a nice shark. Not a mindless eating machine. (copyright Disney)


So, you wanna be a hero?

Come on!  Be the hero!

Come on! Be the hero!

Or maybe you just want to learn how to prevent problems, or handle a problem, you know, just in case?

If so, the PADI Rescue Course is the place for you!

Learn how to effectively deal with panicked divers, treating injuries, handling emergency situations and develop a sense of confidence in your own dive skills, all while having the best time ever!  Ask any experienced divers and they’ll probably tell you that the rescue course was most rewarding course they’ve had.  I know I had heaps of fun!

Contact me on if you’re interested in finding out about training dates; our next course begins on 27 May, 2009!

Skirts in Scuba – 6 June 2009

A few skirts in their scuba gear...

A few skirts in their scuba gear...

Hello girls!

It’s time for our (now) annual Skirts in Scuba trip to the Poor Knights.  The Dive Mistress and I are organising a ladies’ day of diving with Yukon Charters, also known as the infamous Noel and Jo, up in Tutukaka.

There are 10 spaces available on this trip, and let me tell you, the spread that Jo prepares for the lunch is out of this world! Two dives in the gorgeous Poor Knights, a time to bond with your sisters, fantastic hosts and fantastic food – what more could you ask for?

So!!! SATURDAY, 6 JUNE 2009 – $160 for 2 dives, a full lunch spread prepared by the beautiful Jo, some bubbles (not just the ones you exhale!), a great skipper and some like-minded chicks to get to know and love!

We are also arranging accommodation for the Saturday night (highly recommended due to ‘off-gassing’ aka drinking after diving), and for anyone who wants it on the Friday.  Please contact me if you’re interested!!!