Science News

The island of Mo’orea in the South Pacific is undergoing an extensive biodiversity project in an attempt to save it – DNA barcoding of all of the non-microbial species on the island and in its waters: A South Pacific Island, Under the Microscope

Scientists and the pro-science public tend to see scientific method as the infallible process by which we discern facts about the world around us. When scientists make mistakes, they are often admonished, disgraced, and ridiculed by their peers; unfortunately, admitting that one has made a mistake can be career-destroying if you are a scientist and you have messed up in your field of expertise. The author of this article talks about the human side of scientists and the mistakes that we make: How Science Failed during the Gulf Oil Disaster

Not an environmental news story, but spectacular nonetheless and worth sharing. Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait posts a stunning time lapse picture by Turkish photographer Tunç Tezel’s of Venus’ orbit around the sun: Venus, from one side of the Sun to another

Jeff Barnard writes about the effects of ocean acidification on oyster aquaculture (surprise: it’s not good news): Study blames ocean CO2 for oyster declines

An orca’s death off the northern Pacific coast is undergoing investigation; a massive blunt force trauma caused her death, but what caused the injuries is still unknown: Experts sleuth out what killed Puget Sound orca

The positives behind urban farming: Urban Farming is Growing a Green Future

And finally!!!

NZ Forest and Bird’s 2012-2013 Best Fish Guide is now available for download. Also on this page are the methodologies used to rank fisheries, the full publication of the ecological assessments, and also links to the 2011 annual report.


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