Happy New Year! Here are some pictures.

Happy New Year to all, I hope that the holidays have been relaxing and fun. As per usual, the antipodean summer gets a bit chaotic, and the idea of long, relaxing summer days vanishes with the inevitable emails, texts, phone calls and other methods of communication that immediately turn all that beautiful free time into busy bee time.

But! That’s hardly a complaint. The days have indeed been busy, but at least they’ve been busy with productive things! There have been many days of diving in the spring and summer, and I was lucky to get a few good shots in. So, without further ado, have a look at some of the little ones living under the waves:

Yaldwyn's Triplefin (photo by Diverkat)

Yellow Moray from below (photo by Diverkat)

Gem Nudibranchs mating (photo by Diverkat)

Firebrick starfish (photo by Diverkat)

Fan with anenomes (photo by Diverkat)

Common Anenomes (photo by Diverkat)

So, a few photos for you to enjoy. I will hopefully have more to share soon, and some actual news too!



One comment on “Happy New Year! Here are some pictures.

  1. Happy New Year to you, too! 🙂 Enjoyed the pics…. Love you!

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